Nintendo Wii's Everyone Votes Channel Asking "Deep" Questions

I've just noticed lately how the questions on this channel are getting more and more mature and almost "deep". Before, Nintendo used to just approve simple questions like

"If you were really thirsty for a glass of milk and went to the fridge only to find half a cup left would you:

A) Drink what's left, or

B) Drink something else?"

Now, Nintendo's posted question involve much more complex issues like belief in the metaphysical realms (e.g.

"Do you believe in ghosts?:

A) Yes (52.5%)

B) No" (47.5%)

and vanity (e.g.

"Would you rather gain 20 IQ points or lose 20 pounds?:

A) Gain 20 IQ points (68.7%)

B) Lose 20 pounds" (31.3%)

Very interesting. I wonder who gets to approve these questions at Nintendo since its the user who gets to submit potential polling questions.

Update (December 29th, 2007): The outcomes of the latter two questions have been posted. It seems wii gamers worldwide are, on the whole, still undecided about whether they believe there are ghosts or not. Interestingly, Japan has the highest number of voters who believe that there are ghosts, followed by Peru and Columbia. Whereas Austria and Germany have the greatest number of ghost-skeptics.) As for vanity, wii gamers are more interested in brains. Twice as many wii gamers, at least in Canada, would rather have a greater IQ score than a lesser body weight. Perhaps a given; the disparity is greater in males (73.2% for smarter, 26.8% for lighter) than females (57.4% for smarter, 42.6% for lighter).

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