A Stroke of Insight: A Neuroanatomist's Journey to the Right Hemisphere

Whew! It's definitely been a while since my last update--times have been busy. This is a video that I came across of Digg. And though it appeared on the last page of the "top in 24 hours", I still feel is one of the best finds out there. Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is a professor of neuroanatomy at Indiana Univeristy. Below is her 18-minute talk on the TED website (great videos, great ideas). She discusses what is was like for her to lose all connection with her current state of reality and become one with all the energy in the universe.

There seems to be a developing comment thread on the digg page and also on the ted page. Some find her comments quasi-religious, others believe her analogies on the brain are over-simplified.

Nevertheless, I found her talk quite inspiring.