Gadgets I Bought in Low Yat Plaza, KL (Part 1)--Fm Modulator, Chunghop RM-8S Key Chain Universal Remote

When In Malaysia, one absolutely has to visit Low Yat Plaza--your one stop shop for all things digital. Today, I picked up a couple new toys that I found especially interesting.

(Generic) FM Modulator
The first is an fm router for mp3 playback in the car via the cigarette lighter. I've purchased one before but this has to be one of the better ones. This device, essentially, creates its own radio station so you can listen to music via any audio device (with a earphone jack). Though it doesn't feature an SD card input, it does allow for playback of mp3s via a slot for a usb key.

-comes with a handy remote control for controlling frequency, playback of mp3s on the usb key (including track numbers if applicable), volume, and equaliser
- displays the frequency and volume on the modulator itself.

Chunghop RM-8S Universal TV Remote
This has got to be one of the greatest little gadgets I've ever owned. It's tiny and very useful (not to mention perfect for pranks). This small remote can control just about any TV either automatically or via an simple two-step programming process.

Go to the official Chunghop Website to see a detailed description here.

Get it online for $0.88 here.