I Sing "Little Boxes" by Malvina Reynolds (Weeds Theme Song)--updated, Tumblr Link Added (Muxtape Down)

(Click on the link/s below)

http://www.tumbltape.com/patricksoon http://patricksoon.tumblr.com/

Update (October 2nd, 2008): I originally had a link to my muxtape mix above. Muxtape has been taken down by the RIAA and now the owner is planning on rolling out a new version of the site dedicated to independent artists. The original song has been moved to my tumblr blog page. It's really basic but if you were to create a tumblr blog yourself, and link it to a tumbltape (pretty much automatically), you'd get the same muxtape functionality all over again. Try it out! If, on the other hand, you're just interested in listening to random music (a la internet radio), have a look at Finetune. Their wii version is the best. Simple.

If you're just dead set on listening to the official Weeds Theme Song, click here.