VozMe Blogger Widget: Hear Your Posts Read Aloud

UPDATE (11/14/08): I've just replaced VozMe with Odiogo. It's a notably more natural-sounding reading voice. There are some drawbacks however, but also some major advantages in comparison to VozMe. Lookout for a new article on Odiogo soon.

VozMe serves to read aloud any length of html text--very accurately. Please click "hear this post" below to try it out. I've added the male voice. To add the VozMe application to your blog/site, follow this exact procedure (available for wordpress and blogger).

VozMe has another great application on its website where you can type a snippet of text and have the application create an mp3 file of the computer male or female voice reading it aloud.

Now, if only I could do the exact same thing, but with my own voice...

What do you think? Does it sound pretty accurate? Should I have used the female voice instead? Let me know in the comments!