Watch Streaming Videos With Hotspot Shield

UPDATE 5/7/09: Hulu has begun detecting and blocking proxy/vpn access to their video streams. Read my newest post for a solution.

For how to set up NBC streaming video with Hotspot Shield, click

I recently got an email from Rose stating her frustration over's programs not loading for her in Canada even with Hotspot Shield.

Her email reads:

For several months I have been using the ‘hotspot’ shield download I got from your blog.

Thank you for your clear instructions & comments.

The connection works really well & I have been able to catch up on both current and classic tv shows with The problem area is the connection. I can get the abc network home page & the tv episode list for download. However, the programs do not download. After about 3 minutes, the download stops. The other network programs download quickly and with good resolution.

Question: Has anyone else experienced the problem of not getting the abc network programs to download? Is there a fix that can be worked out?

And here was my response:

I haven't run into this problem with myself since I don't watch any network shows on that site--probably will start soon though! I have a couple of pointers that may or may not work:

1) Firstly, some other websites have noted that the script on some of these network tv show sites have been updated. In previous connections, one may have been able to connect via a proxy or vpn for the first few minutes, turn off the vpn/proxy, and still continue to watch. I'm not sure if that's the case here (but you may want to give it a try).

2) Others have noted that they had to switch their computer's clock to a US time, such as Arizona, in order to pass the US-time check script.

3) I would also update Java just incase that factors into the slow streaming of programs on

4) If all else fails, try another vpn/proxy service. Hotspot has been quite reliable for me up until now. Though some would question their advertising schemes and others note that it doesn't always work for them. A couple other services I would recommend are Ultrasurf, strongvpn, charon, relakks, and perhaps linkideo. I haven't tried them all, but read this article on Hotspot Shield alternatives (free, and subscription-based) to find the best one for you.