Magnetosphere Itunes Visualization Plugin

Gizmodo recently ran an article noting how the next big surprise at Apples Let's Rock event will be Itunes 8 and it's the companies' newly acquired plugin for the music app, Magnetosphere. Techno-pundits are still unsure whether Apple decided to purchase just the lone (but popular!) visualization plugin, or the entire software development company that produces Magnetosphere, The Barbarian Group.

One thing's for sure, it's a spicy plugin. One that rivals any built-in plugin by major competitors, Microsoft media player, or Winamp:

Download Magnestophere
Too bad The Barbarian Group decided to pull the plug (pun intended) on the plugin for now, since Itunes acquisition into the newest version, Itunes 8. Here's a forum where you can download the Windows and Mac version of the original Magnetosphere visualization plugin (scroll down to the bottom for the Windows version). The Windows plugin is also available on on various torrents such as TPB. If you wanna give it a spin before updating to Itunes 8, or just would rather sit and wait till the technical bugs are all squashed (and believe you me, there will be), then try it out first.