Softbank (Samsung) Omnia 930SC: Hands-on Pictures

Here are more hands-on photos of the Japanese Samsung Omnia, the Softbank 930SC at its recent launch. Click here for more information about the phone, including technical details. Photos courtesy of flickr user, Taro Matsumura.

Notice how the Touchwiz UI is considerably streamlined, with much smaller sized (and appropriately so) widgets, no sign of WinMo branding, buttons or remnant interface at all. It appears as though there are two widget sidebars at the top and side. Screen color is vibrant, much closer to the resolution and depth of the Iphone's.

The screen is a larger, 3.3" TFT screen of 480x800 resolution, twice that of the first generation Samsung Omnia. Notice how the optical sensor is see through with the word "clear" and the metallic finish of the 'SEND' and 'END CALL' buttons are brighter than that i900.

The dongle is now located at the bottom left corner--a much better design.

Camera lens now includes a self-portrait mirror.

Looks as though the black square on the side of the 930SC is an infrared port. Perhaps for controlling other devices, such as Samsung televisions?

The 930SC's interface is optimized for handwriting recognition in English and Kanji.

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