Free Quality Icons For Desktop and Firefox Browser

Looking for an esoteric icon that will finally stop you from confusedly clicking the wrong folder each time you go looking for "that file"? Suffer no more for there are plentitudinous galleries of free icon sets on the net, some of which are just perfect.

User Logos:

I personally have a found a lot of use with User Logos for decorating my Fast Dial extension in firefox. Fast Dial is a frefox extension that makes it uber-easy to select your most frequented websites by allowing users to customize a tile-list of most frequented websites on newly-opened (blank tabs). Without customizing each site with an icon, the image is lifted off of a constantly updated screen capture of the site. Below is an image of my very own fast dial set up:


Additionally, Iconspedia has been extremely helpful in decorating my portable harddrive's folders. In one folder I have backups of all my PSP save files, pictures, wallpapers, themes, and videos and thus employed the PSP icon from Iconspedia. In another I've used a Wii icon from the same site as well.

Sony PSP Icon:Nintendo Wii Icon:

[User Logos] and [Iconspedia]

Fast Dial Extension Guide (via Lifehacker)