Avatar, 3D, Neytiri: G4TV Interview with James Cameron

I just watched Avatar (in 2D) a couple nights ago. The movie was incredible and the scenes ultra-realistic. The almost 3-hour long movie truly felt like a trip to another world.

I can't wait for sequel.

G4TV recently interviewed Cameron on his new movie, the progressive technology behind it and the emergence of 3-D technology coming soon to living rooms all over the world.

Near the end of his interview, Cameron talks about how such 3D technology will be more pervasive due to the ubiquity of laptops and small, portable devices such as the Iphone. He says that Panasonic has already built a 3D tv screen and will be showing it at the next CES expo (Update: Cameron was right) and expands on why 3-D technology will work this time around because of the popularity of gaming and sports franchises.

Stay tuned for more Avatar-related stuff!