Toshiba R-705 Laptop Sold Out All Over Southern California

Maybe it's because everyone's going back to school. Graduate schools have already started. Maybe it's because college students are heading back to school in the next week or so. Or maybe it's because CNET recently gave the R705 it's badge of honor, the Editor's Choice Award. CNET stated that the 705
"is close to a perfect balance of design, price, and performance".
And at 4GB of memory, integrated DVD writer, 1 inch thickness, 13 inch screen, 500GB of memory, and Wi-Di (the ability to playback video wirelessly on compatible screen), and Dual-core i3, the R705 does not fail to please.

Whatever it is, Toshiba has struck a highnote with the R705. At every Best Buy (exclusive retailer of the R705) in the Southern California area (LA and Orange County), it's completely sold out. Even online, the laptop is backordered.

Well done, Toshiba. Well done.