Skoda Yeti - Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear Calls it the "Best Car in the World" (Youtube Video)

So what qualifies the Skoda Yeti for the "Best Car in the World" status?

1. Roomier and more practical than a Mercedes Maybach
2. Faster than a Lamborghini 308 around Donington race track.
3. Tougher on the inside than English fire brigade
4. Can do a hill start without braking
5. Easier to get a tatoo done in one while off-roading as compared to a Range Rover
6. Cheaper than a Vauxall Astra
7. You can fit Sienna Miller in the glovebox
8. It's A/C doesn't sweat it in a burning building
9. Roman Abramovitch can land a 600 kg helicopter on top of it.

TG1601-2 by Veedubalmighty