How to Stop Procrastinating

B) Look at this; Which quadrant do you spend your time in? If you have lots of to-do lists, re-write them into an empty grid in the appropriate locations (important/not important.. urgent, not urgent). Do everything in Q1 first. Then do Q2. Stay on top of Q2 and you won't have as many crisis.
D) Buy this book, read it - (you need chapter 3)
F) You need to make contracts with yourself. Contracts need to be clearly defined (simple that a child would understand) and achievable. (Example: Today I need to do 3 things. 1) Read X; 2) Write Y; 3) Review Z).
F)ii) - You state "i keep falling into the same habits", you can reprogram yourself. Say "when I start to do X, I will notice/catch myself, I will redirect to Y"
G) Watch this (1 hour) Randy Pausch Lecture: Time Management --
H) Everything added to your to-do list needs a deadline and an estimate of how long it will take. (Example; Read X, due by Y, less than Z hours)
I) Sometimes you need to ask yourself "What am I avoiding?" "What am I afraid of?"
J) Pomodoro Method -- -- During your breaks you need to move (pullups/pushups/crunches/walk around)

From: Reddit user district-zim