Casio Edifice EF547D Watch: Review & Photos

I was very glad to have ordered this watch. I got it from JustCalculators and was very pleased when it arrived a day early. The watch itself is beautiful and fairly understated. There are quite a number of watchmakers out there with designs mimicking the famed Omega Speedmaster Pro (the first watch on the moon). That said, I choose the Casio Edifice EF547 because it has a dependable quartz movement, a mineral crystal display, and a reliable track record through Casio.

A couple negative points might be that it is somewhat on the heavier side as far as metal watches go and the watch face is fairly large (though nothing like the size and weight of a Bell & Ross). It takes some getting used to since just the face itself is actually quite heavy. If you love heavy watches and/or are accustomed to large watches this then is not a problem at all. I'm already used to its size and weight now. If, however, you have small wrists, perhaps consider getting a lighter watch like a Seiko.

Two other watches I strongly considered from the Edifice line were the EF546 and the EFR502. Both are very similar to the EF547. Definitely look at those before making your final decision. That said, you can't go wrong with this.