Just added The Wii Internet Channel Last Night

And it's great! I paid for 1000 Wii points last night on credit card--that's the lowest number of points you can get at one time. And then I just downloaded the internet channel for 500 Wii points (about 5 dollars US). In Canada, Nintendo adds PST and GST charges; so the total I had to pay for last night was about $11.30.

It's such a great channel though. Had I purchased my Wii earlier this year, I may have been able to download the channel for free in their beta release (after all, it's just the free Opera browser that anyone can download for free on their pc). Anyhow, 5 minutes after downloading the program, I was watching crunchyroll videos (good for asian cinema and anime), youtube videos, playing games online, and even checking out google maps.

A really great function. I can't wait to see what else I can do with the Internet Channel.

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