A Perfect Bowling Score, All Strikes (What's the Trick?)

Here's some footage of a guy (or, the Mii with an awesome fro) who managed to bowl a perfect game.

I'm not entirely sure if there's a surefire way to hit all the pins for multiple strikes. Some say they manage to bowl a perfect game by curving it a little. Others just through the ball high up into the air and straight at the pins. Back at the launch of the Nintendo Wii and Wii Sports, however, gaming site IGN reported how they had found a rather disappointing cheat to Wii bowling:

"The breaking point of any bowling game is in how quickly the "exploit" can be found that will give players a strike every single time. If it's easy to do this, it kills the challenge, and destroys the lasting play of the design. Unfortunately, we stumbled upon the strike exploit after our second play. Lining up the player on the second dot from the right, then flicking the controller (instead of a full swing) would power shot the ball in a perfect channel to the one/three pin pocket, causing all pins to fall over with ease. Luckily, when we mentioned this, word got around to some NCL developers on-hand who will take this data back with them to Japan after the event."

I've tried this many times--it looks as though Nintendo has cleaned that bit of gaming script up. In any event, it looks as though it's still possible to bowl a perfect game. Now...if only I could do that in real life.

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