Great News: Facebook and Google Join

Google along with Facebook have now made significant strides towards becoming open platforms.

From ReadWriteWeb:

"The DataPortability Workgroup announced this morning that representatives from both Google and Facebook are joining its ranks. The group is working on a variety of projects to foster an era of Data Portability - where users can take their data from the websites they use to reuse elsewhere and where vendors can leverage safe cross-site data exchange for a whole new level of innovation..."

Surely the conspirators that once said that the megacorporations con the public into giving up their personal information and then make a profit off of it are now less inclined to say so.

Recently, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ran a short report on how Facebook's user agreement policies maintian the copyright to all information, images and videos of users. In other words, Facebook stores (and may continue to archive) all information submitted to the website even after users had shutdown their account. According to, however, all "photos, videos and other forms of personal data should be discoverable by, and shared between our chosen tools or vendors". It will definitely be interesting how this plays out and if Facebook chooses to redo their policies.

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