Quick Review: Brookstone "Bob" Wobble Clock--Updated with Yahoo Video Review

I purchased the "Bob" Wobble Clock from the Brookstone store in the states a few weeks ago after getting the "Deluxe: Ultimate Chillout Experience" 2-cd package (which is a great cd-set, btw, that's the disc set behind the clock in the picture). Brookstone had this special deal on:

Get the "Bob" 5-in-1 Wobble Clock, a $30 value, for only $12.50 with any purchase. Just add the "Bob" 5-in-1 Wobble Clock to your cart, along with any other item, and enter BOB2 into the promo code field.

So, after some deliberation and calculation, I figured I get it just for the novelty. Now, 3 weeks into owning this little gizmo, I feel, for the most part, that it's still a neat little gadget. And the simple, egg-shape design coupled with the 5 distinct, almost "fruity" colors adds a little splash of excitement to my banal desktop decor. And, plus, it's great to change the colors by barely tapping the tip of the egg (it picks up the signal via heat sensors--very cool).

Edit (3/29/09): I'm not really sure actually how the egg picks up the tapping input. Crates commented that there might be something else in the circuitry that picks up the signal since you don't even need to touch the clock, or use your hand, nearly any material will work.

Here's a quick overview of all the modes (hence, "5-in-1", click for larger image):

(with snooze function; just tap it to get another 4 minutes of sleeps)

(can be set to Celsius or Fahrenheit)

(with a max countdown time of 180 minutes and 59 seconds)

Back of clock (with manual):


-Simple, elegant design
-Sturdy, long-lasting build quality. The screw-on base cover for the batteries was especially insightful
-The digital display is easily readable and designed to show the information best at and angle as the clock is no a slight tilt backwards (otherwise, looking at the display head-on forces the display to go dim).
-Yes, it does wobble and go back to it's upright position


-The screw on base doesn't fit that perfectly (there's a little extra plastic here and there).
-Though there's a switch in the back to let you turn off the tap-to-change-mode, there's no way to turn off or lower the coloring of the individual modes which will most likely kill the batteries off in a short time
-That said, it would have been nice if the required batteries weren't AAA too, as AA are usually much more affordable, and more commonly used in the household.
-The alarm and beep sounds are pretty minuscule (read: inaudible). Luckily, I didn't invest in "Bob" as my bedside alarm clock--otherwise, I may have missed quite a few classes this past week.

Yahoo Video (thanks to Scott @ ExpoTV Videopinions):

Summary: All in all, for a $12.50 clock that serves it purpose by telling me today's date, I'm quite happy. Besides the time and date modes, I'm guessing the rest of it's functions are probably rarely used by any owners of this device. And, like it said, the novelty of the clock is value-enough.


Brookstone "Bob" Official Site
Wobble Clock Manual (PDF Format)
How to Turn Off the Alarm (And Not The Snooze)