The Office Ringtone

Non-Office Ringtone Cell Owner: "Is that 'The Office Ringtone?'"
Office Ringtone Cell Owner: "Oh yeah. Patrick Soon's Blog showed me how to get it on..."
Steve Carell (interrupting): "That's what she said!"

I've had The Office MP3 format ringtone on my Sony Ericsson Z520a for nearly a year now. And everytime I hear it, I love it*:

For those who wish to get it on their cell phone's too, here's what you got to have:

1. A way to transfer the MP3 to your phone:
-Such as a bluetooth-enabled PC and a bluetooth-enabled cell phone
-If you don't have bluetooth capability already on your pc, you may want to visit your local IT electronic store for a USB Bluetooth Key. They're affordable and very handy. Your local craigslist or ebay vendor may be selling one for cheaps.
2. The Office Ringtone
-After syncing the pc and the cell, the transfer is quick
-Most cell phones will offer the option to set the newly transfer MP3 file as a ringtone and VoilĂ ! Now every time your cell phone rings you'll take a deep breath and say in your best Dwight Schrute voice,

"Oh...another call from the office. How pleasant".

For Iphone Owners:
For a detailed description on how to transfer the song and set it as a ringtone view CNET TV's Tutorial on how to convert a song from your existing mp3 collection (or in this case, the downloaded Office theme song) into a ringtone

>>> Here's the Link via Office Tally
(To download the file, right-click to "save as". You can also get the song in MIDI and WAV formats there as well)

Copyright Information:

Original Song written by Jay Ferguson and performed by the Scrantones

Here's a cool video of The Office theme song on Mario Paint.