Unboxing: Tom Tom Go 920

Originally, my Dad received the Tom Tom Go 720 for his birthday from my brother. However, after some days had passed, the Tom Tom Go 920 had dropped to the same price as the 720 and thus we decided to stop by Futureshop to exchange the item for the higher model (also priced at $449.99 Canadian Dollars).

Overall, I'd say the 920 is of much better value. It comes packaged with a few other impressive upgrades: a bluetooth remote, extra suction mounting plate (for sticking on the dash as opposed to the windshield), and a live traffic readiness (the 920T version comes with live traffic info out of the box, but it doesn't work in Canada and also isn't sold here either). The remote, however, is the best thing going for the 920. Instead of having look at the GPS, a driver can just press a button on the remote to have the voice prompt repeat directions, change a song, or even meddle with the menu (though none of these are recommended during driving).

Correction (4/19/08): Forgot to add that the Tom Tom 920 comes pre-loaded with North American and Europe maps. Also, since we exchanged the 720 for this higher-up model, the price has dropped to $399.99--that's $50 back to us (and $150 drop from the original price of $549.99). Imagine Futureshop's initial profit margins!

Below are a bunch of pictures I took of the unboxing process:

Tom Tom Go 920 still in its plastic wrap

All the contents of the package

The build quality of the remote is especially high--feels fit for almost any modern car's interior