, Share Your Music The "New School Way"--updated: Muxtape Down, Problems With RIAA

Update (September 8th, 2008): Muxtape currently has problems with the RIAA, unfortunately, turns out what they were doing was essentially breaking IP law. Too bad. Until I can figure out where to host my acapella version of Little Boxes, please visit Finetune. They have a great site for listening to music. I usually tune into their Wii iteration, and just fire up the day's top playlist. Start listening here. Don't worry, Finetune is completely legal., one of the most recent newcomers to the online music scene, provides a new way of sharing your music (a la an old school mixtape) online. All you have to do is signup, then upload 12 songs with a maximum of 10mbs per song, then share them with the world via your very own muxtape site. And don't worry, it's completely legal (as far as muxtape is concerned).

Those that you share it with can always get new updates of your favourite songs via rss feed. In addition, they can always buy that song on amazon for about 99c.

Here's my muxtape featuring upbeat, feel-good, sing-along legendary songs, and some contemporary.

As of 4/19/08, here are the songs I've got:

The Beatles--Yellow Submarine
U2--Beautiful Day
Queen--Bohemian Rhapsody
Jackson 5--ABC
Bob Marley--Buffalo Soldier
Rick Astley--Never Gonna Give You Up
Wild Cherry--Play That Funky Music
Elvis Presley--A Little Less Conversation (JXL Remix)
Michael Jackson--Thriller (25th Anniversary)
Daft Punk--One More TIme

Update (7/26/08): I've started another mixtape. This time with acapella music.

Here's some rick-rolling goodness just because we invoked it with my song selection: