Family Guy Fan Art

For the greater part of my undergraduate career, I worked part-time as a call centre caller--telemarketer--at my university's foundation for two years. (our call centre works with the university to raise funds for scholarship, bursaries, etc.) One of the many perks of having worked with many like-minded students were the conversation we shared about the latest episode of Family Guy. Eleni Berger, then supervisor and talented artist at the call centre promised that she's sketch a character from the Family Guy series as though they were from UBC Call Centre team each week that we met our target fundraising amounts as a team.

We hit those targets three times. And for each one Eleni drew another character from Family Guy.

Stewie, asking for an alumni's credit card number:

Brian, dealing with a difficult alum:

Quagmire, building rapport with alumni spouses:

(As a matter of recognition, Eleni Berger drew the characters, I simply colored them in)
Oh, and just to be extra cautious:

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