Wall-E: Environmentalism Propaganda?

I recently watched this movie at the theatres and was astounded at the number of serious themes that Pixar (now owned by Disney) presented to the target audience, children. I have to agree with Wired Magazine's opinion that this is a powerful medium, what the editor calls "[t]he decade's most powerful environmental film".

Brief Plot
Wall-E is set in a truly depressing, dystopic future. A future where Earth's trash has overcome our ability to sustain life on the planet. Where dirt, dust, junk, and cockroaches reign supreme. In midst of the bleak outlook, the largest corporation on earth (BNL--Buy and Large) employs a league of robots called Wall-Es (Waste Allocation Load Lifter-Earth-Class) to essentially clean up the earth while all the humans are transported to a spaceship for several years in the meantime. During their stay on the spaceship AXIOM (which is also owned and operated by Buy and Large), the humans become progressively lazy in their hover-chairs. Never needing to walk, exercise, and even lift a finger as robot complete all the tasks for them, the humans become morbidly obese.

Major themes: Dystopia, Environmental Impact, Obesity Epidemic, Over-Dependence on Technology, Globalization and Privatization.

See any more serious themes?