How to Remove Blogger Title Tag

One of the best ways to get more traffic to your blog is to use very basic, or sometimes very specific words in your article titles. If, for example, your blogger post is "DIY Vintage Wrought Iron Tables" then you'd think that an individual searching for "DIY vintage wrought iron tables" would see your blog post as least in the first one or two pages of their google search results. However (!), this usually isn't the case since blogger automatically sets, rather unfortunately, the name of your blog right before the name of your article:

Steampunk Furniture: DIY Vintage Wrought Iron Table

According to most search engine optimization blogs, this has to be changed in order for you blog article to show up in one of the first few search results. And yes, it can be changed. All you need to do is switch up the order by changing a few bits of html code in your blogger theme/layout. So, in fact, you're not really deleting the blogger tags so much as moving them to the end of the blog article title. Once you've completed the straightforward hack, your article should look like this in the search results:

DIY Vintage Wrought Iron Tables | Steampunk Furniture

*You can change the symbol that divides your blogs name and the article*

Since this old hack no longer works, I had to finagle my way through the internet to get the new code for removing the blog name from articles and repositioning it to the back (click on image below to enlarge):

Here's how you do it (click on the jump for copy-and-pasteable code, at the bottom):

1) In Blogger's dashboard, go to the layout>edit HTML and locate the template.

2) Replace this code:

3) With:

Thanks to ILyes who posted a comment on SEO Marketing Tips. Find the original comment at the bottom of the article (Press ctrl-F and type in "ilyes" to find his comment) with appropriate coding to copy and paste. Alternatively, Javier Rincon, on his blog Rise of Rincon, has a slightly different version of this method.