Block Hotspot Shield Ads With Adblock (Firefox Extension)

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Tired of the pushy Hotspot Shield ads?

One of the constant nuisances that plague Hotspot Shield users is persistent (and sometimes inappropriate) onslaught of ads built into the HSS monetization scheme. It's dubious enough that Anchorfree steals ad revenue from google adwords users by masking them with amazon ads, but HSS creates a massive box on the top of every page users surf to as well--completely vanquishing an incredible chunk of screen real-estate. Now, the problem is solved. No more ads.

If you're using Firefox (and you should), then download an extension called Adblock. There's no need to configure the software extension it just lodges in place and has a solid, constantly-updated subscription to ad definitions. Thus, it know what's considered an ad and what's isn't (pictures an embedded videos for example). Of course this doesn't work perfectly every time as I've had some trouble loading video from some content sites like BBC Video. But it's still very easy to turn the extension on/off via a button in the toolbar.

Download Adblock extention here. If you use IE7, you'll need to use IE7Pro, it's a free all-in-one plugin for IE7 that essentially makes it the feature-equivalent of Firefox. There's a bunch of features in addition to ad-blocking such as spell check, proxy switcher, and crash recovery. Unfortunately, there is no Adblock Plus plugin for IE7.

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