Hotspot Shield Troubleshooting

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I just thought I'd make it a little easier for those who want to find information on the free VPN software program, Hotspot Shield. Here's a list of all the Hotspot Shield articles I've written so far.

Must Read:
1. How to Watch Hulu Outside the US
If you've never heard of the VPN sofware before and would like to get in on all the TV streaming action that those in the states enjoy, start here.

UPDATE 5/7/09: Hulu has begun detecting and blocking proxy/vpn access to their video streams. Read my newest post for a solution.

Having problems with Hotspot Shield? Here are the top 3 most common reasons (and solutions). The jury's still out on how to get HSS to work with Rogers and Shaw ISPs in Canada, unfortunately.

3. Hotspot Shield Technical Support
Many users report a problem with installing HSS. Some get a inactive connection. Others get the blue screen of death. Read this article to find out the secret email address at Hotspot Shield to get answers to your installation questions.

4. HSS: Error Installing TAP VPN Driver/Adaptor
A common installation error.

5. Alternatives To Hotspot Shield
If all else fails, as a last resort, try other virtual private network alternatives to Hotspot Shield. Before trying other software, one should browse other Hotspot Shield-related articles below.

Network-Specific Guides:
Get Hotspot Shield working with major network websites

Block Hotspot Shield's Ads with Adblock (Firefox Add-on)
Hotspot Shield's Sly Advertisement Monetization Scheme, and how to block it.

Speed Test:

Speed Test: Hotspot Shield VPN Server vs. Telus ISP
Comparing your Internet Service Provider's online speed with HSS's (a.k.a. NTT/Verio).