Japanese Receive Revamped Samsung Omnia, Softbank Omnia 930SC

For more pictures of the Softbank 930SC, click here.

Things keep getting better for the Omnia, but much worse for early adopters. Earlier this week, the Japanese just received a much better version of the Omnia than those in Asia and Europe. Rebranded as a Softbank phone, a major telecommunications company in Japan, the new Omnia 930SC carries major improvements over Omnia 900i. Most notable among the improvements are live broadcast television streaming, a completely redesigned user interface with noticeably better sized widgets and no WinMo branding to be seen, and lastly some form factor face-lifts including a larger and better resolution screen, the relocating of the dongle hook to the bottom left corner, a self-portrait camera mirror, and side door for hot-swappable memory cards.

Major features over the previous generation include:

-twice the resolution: 800x480 resolution, i900 has 400x240 (no info on # of colors)
-larger screen estate: 3.3 inches as opposed to 3.1 on the i900
-softbank customized user interface
-reflective mirror added to camera for self-portraits
-infra-red port added
-hot swappable memory on side
-Live over-the-air broadcast TV (called Seg-1, w/ built-in antenna)
-CDMA and GSM capability (three band only, 850 band missing)
-3 colors to choose from (white, red, black)

If you have an Omnia yourself, don't you wish you held out for this version? I sure do. Can't wait till some industrious hacker ports the Softbank UI over to the Omnia (i900)