Microsoft Secondlight: MS Surface Plus A Second Transparent Display

Earlier last year, Microsoft revealed their patented screen technology, appropriately named MS Surface. Now, Microsoft has released a new addendum to MS Surface called MS Secondlight. It essentially allows users of MS Surface to reveal a second layer of information via a second projector that exclusively displays on plain "tracing paper", according to the speaker in the video below. It sounds very promising for applications which involve a great deal of information (planetariums identifying constellations, map kiosks for tourists, integrated multimedia centers). The only issue I could forsee is that to reveal all the information that was destined for the the tracing paper, one would have to either resolve the text via a large scroll-like instrument or several pieces of paper for the screen--the text itself did not see to scale for the size of individual sheets of paper which wuold have been much for helpful. News reporting agencies are already employing Microsoft's Surface technology in political analysis, see second video below for Saturday Night Live's parody.

If you can't see the NBC SNL video above, click here.