Grooveshark: Another Muxtape Alternative

Social networking has taken the world by storm. Friendster. Myspace. Facebook. These sites alone have fundamentally changed the way we communicate and keep-in-touch with others. Now, a relatively new startup based in Gainesville, Florida has taken the call to revolutionize music. Sure, most of us have heard this sort of rhetoric before. and Finetune have tried doing this as well. As personalized internet radio stations, those sites created wholly new playlists based on artist and genre selection. Grooveshark is different, however. Playlists are completely user generated. There is no required account signup, no login, and no fees. Songs are searchable by name, artists, genre and many other tags and resemble the Itunes interface. But most importantly, those playlists are completely user-generated and entirely embeddable.

Muxtape, the once-favored music web application to rule them all came under the scrutiny of the RIAA and lost. Let's hope Grooveshark stays for good.

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