CyberGhost: Free VPN and IP Address in Germany

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Some months ago, after getting a lot of email and comments from visitors to the blog asking about alternatives to Hotspot Shield, I wrote an article entitled Hotspot Shield Alternatives. That article continues to be one of the most sought after articles on the blog, usually in the top 3 places after How To Set Up a Free VPN.

Hotspot Shield functions as a virtual private network, encrypting all user web traffic (incoming and outgoing) while providing an IP address in Englewood, Colorado. VPNs thus provide a safe way for internet users to surf while logging onto open wi-fi networks, especially in public places. However, users often tend to use VPN software to unlock country-specific media such as Hulu, which offers free syndicated movies and TV shows. Plenty of other VPN software is free as well. Ultrasurf, for example, basically carries out the exact same task albeit in a clunkier software setup (it's browser specific, so the IP address and encryption only covers what's seen in the browser like IE, Firefox users must download a plugin).

I've recently discovered CyberGhost, another free VPN service differentiated by nature of it's IP address location in Germany. The German company, S.A.D GmbH, responsible for the software also markets a commercial version that promises 2Mbps and 40GB of bandwidth (compared to the un-guaranteed speed and only 10GB bandwidth free version). Users in Europe will definitely benefit from the proximity to the CyberGhost server as opposed to the one across the pond in Colorado, Hotspot Shield. The company's description boasts of :

100% Online Anonymity
With 128-bit AES encryption, you can surf 100% anonymously. CyberGhost conceals your IP address and completely protects your data transmissions from eavesdroppers.

Up to 30% Faster Site Access
Thanks to its compression technology, CyberGhost users can open sites up to 30% faster than when using their Internet provider alone

Additional Firewall Function
CyberGhost VPN just happens to be an absolutely reliable firewall as well. Our VPN servers act like caps of invisibility, and as everyone knows: what can't be seen can't be hacked. The firewall of the VPN server also blocks all in-coming data, thus providing added security.

Secure Date with CyberGhost Online Storage
2 GB of data storage protected with uncrackable 256-AES encryption

For more information (review, comments, download process) visit Living Online's blog article, Use A German VPN Surf Online Anonymously For Free. Have you tried CyberGhost? Post a comment below about your experience.

[GhostsurfVPN] (click on the UK flag for English version) via [Living Online]