Android on Omnia (Youtube Video)

This is a quick preview video of the Android OS on the Omnia. It's an earlier release that what's currently available but shows the basic blueprint of Andromnia (Android OS on the Omnia). What's especially noticeable is the apparent stability of the OS. It takes a while to load--and looks for a short while like it's about to crash--but runs smoothly with its applications and home screen (albeit with laggy touch screen responsiveness).

(Testing Andromnia 0.31 rev103)

Of course, without the proper drivers there's still little one can do with the OS (except show off to friends). Let's hope the recently-released Galaxy i7500 (currently most powerful Android handset by Samsung) helps Andromnia developers in their quest for the Android-Powered Omnia.

Credit: Youtube user FreddieKrugher

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