Hulu Proxy Ban Workaround #2: Combine Hotspot Shield and Ultrasurf

Update (8/1/09): Hulu has contiuned to block other proxies/vpns as well based on ip address. One way around this is to use a foxyproxy to bypass the Hulu location check. This hack requires firefox and the foxyproxy add-on.

I recently received an email from KiA (from Montreal, Canada) , a reader of the blog, listing a newfound solution to watching vids on Hulu despite the new proxy ban.


1. Download and install both Hotspot Shield and Ultrasurf
2. Start Hotspot Shield
3. Start Ultrasurf
4. Open Browser
a. Delete cache, cookies, authenticated sessions
b. Disable Ad-blocking software (such as ABP) if applicable
5. Watch Vids on Hulu

Notes: If it doesn't work the first time-round, try, try again! Users must start HSS then Ultrasurf in that order.

Here are the details of that email:

Dear Patrick,
After seeing an update of your blog, I tried using UltraSurf. Although I was able to connect to Hulu, the videos kept showing as unavailable, and it suggested that I check my Internet connection. UltraSurf was slow on many non-video websites as well.
So, I tried using both UltraSurf and HotSpot Shield at the same time! Believe it or not, it worked! It was actually faster than using UltraSurf alone.
I'm guessing that the Hotspot servers are faster, and that the connection between HotSpot and UltraSurf is pretty fast, thus relaying back to me a faster connection than UltraSurf alone.I used Firefox with the ultrasurf plugin (plus running the UltraSurf program). There is some jerkiness in the Hulu video -- to be expected when going through two servers -- but pausing the video for 20 seconds or so for buffering allows for a reasonably flowing video experience.
Try it out and tell me what you think.