Best Case for Nexus One -- Case Mate Gelli

Hands down, this is perhaps the very best case for the Nexus One for most users. Some might prefer other features like a hard plastic case or the ability to store credit cards in the case backing. But for the best of both hard-plastic, and rubber worlds, this Gelli case has the best option for the majority of users.

I was using the including bad for the Nexus One for a while now. Though it's cute and gets compliements, it chances of the phone falling out of it are somewhat high. Also, using the Nexus one without a case is just not the same.

With the Gelli case, the Nexus One backing has a lot more grip without the sticky film rubber that attracts dirt and dust on other cases. It also slips into one's pocket with ease as well.

Oh yeah, it can be removed and applied easy.