Nexus One Tips and Tricks

1. Add the Google Voice shortcut to your homescreen to easily switch back and forth from Google Voice for your outgoing calls.

2. Try touching and holding text in emails and text messages. If it includes a phone number, you can quickly dial it. If it's an address, you can open Maps directly. Or, you can just copy and paste the text wherever you like.

3. Shortcut: Go straight from the home screen to driving directions using voice search. Click the microphone icon on the search widget, say "Navigate to pizza," for example, and Google Maps will open and display your route automatically.

4. Sometimes it's hard to sort through large collections of photos. You can now order your photos by date and location by toggling the switch in the upper right corner of the screen.

5. The photo gallery is now synced to your favorite online services. Try long-pressing a photo to select which photos you would like to upload. You can send photos to Facebook or Picasa with the Share button.

6. Power users: get the most out of your battery life by adding the power control widget to your homescreen. You can then quickly turn on and off more power- intensive phone settings including WiFi, BlueTooth, GPS, Sync, and screen brightness.

7. Shortcut: Move straight from an email into a tweet, from a text into Facebook, from your contacts to Google Talk. Touch a contact's image or status bubble to see the Quick Contacts menu slide in, letting you choose how you'd like to interact no matter what application you're currently using. This works with native applications on the phone [like text messaging, email, Facebook] as well as relevant app downloaded from Android Market.

8. New feature: Speak to the phone and it does the typing for you. Now you can dictate into any text field by bringing up the virtual keyboard and then on the microphone icon to the left of the space bar. It works best with short sentences, and if you speak at a moderate rate.

9. Add a live wallpaper to your home screen: touch and hold an empty spot on the screen, then choose from smoke, grass, nexus, and several other interactive selections. Try setting the wallpaper to "Water" and touch the screen to make it look like it's raining. Some of the wallpapers even respond to music, so try them when the music player is playing.

10. Load up your Nexus One: To get your music and photos onto Nexus One, plug the phone into your computer, pull down the notification bar, and click "USB Connected". Then click "Mount," and your phone should appear on your computer as a normal external harddrive, where you can upload whatever you like.

11. Keep secure: Click the Menu button, then "Settings" and "Location and Security" to set your custom unlocking pattern for your phone.

12. Take a picture with the 5 megapixel camera, using the flash, zoom, or even white balance and color effects. Flip the switch and shoot a video too, and click "share" to quickly upload to YouTube.

13. Click the dots on the bottom left and right of your homescreen to access all five fully customizable screens of your Nexus One. Add all the widgets, shortcuts, apps, photos, and photos you want on the extra-large customizable screen. Longpress on the dots to get a visual overview and instant access to the desired screen.

14. Scan the weather conditions by-the-minute with the Weather widget. Click the "information" bubble on the top righthand corner to scroll through the day's conditions, minute by minute, and plan ahead.

15. Shortcut: Quickly access recently used applications by touching and holding the Home button, no matter what you're doing.

16. Shortcut: Control your music player directly from the homescreen by adding the Music widget. Cool tip: add the "Many" live wallpaper to see different music visualizers rotate in 3D while you listen to your favorite songs.

17. Shortcut: Longpress on the Search button to activate voice search. Try “call ” to voicedial!

18. Shortcut: Longpress an icon in the all-applications list to add it to your homescreen.

19. Shortcut: Slide the unlock bar to the left to mute your phone.

20. Shortcut: Add a contact directly to the homescreen. Longpress the homescreen and pick Shortcuts->Contact. Select your contact and it will be placed on the homescreen. When you click it, all known ways to communicate with that contact will appear.