Download Free Books with Drinkmalk on Aldiko

From Reddit:

Required version: Aldiko Book Reader 1.2.7 or later (

1. Open Aldiko and select 'Download Books'
2. Press the 'Menu' button on the phone and choose 'Custom Catalogs'
3. On the Custom Catalogs screen choose 'Add a catalog'
4. On the 'Add a Catalog' Dialog, enter a name for the catalog, the URL '', and an optional description. Press OK


THIS SITE IS NOT INTENDED FOR THE PIRATING OF BOOKS. This site is provided to allow persons who have legally purchased these books but are unable to place them on their devices for what-ever reason (DRM, format-compatibility issues, etc). I am unsure as to the legality of "if you purchased the paper version of a book, can you expect to have the ebook for free?", so download at your own risk. Support the authors and purchase the books LEGALLY