Hotspot Shield Can't Connect? Try This.

1. Install HotSpot Shield
2. When it has finished installing it will try to open the HotSpot Shield Website in Internet
Explorer or which ever browser you are using i.e.
3. When your web browser opens go to the Address Bar and copy and paste the address to Note pad, word pad, or Microsoft word and save.
4. If you get an error message stating that there is no connectivity then continue on to step 5.
5. Go to: start/ Control Panel/ Network Connection/L ocal Area Connection/ Properties/
6. In the General Tab you will see a short list of ticked boxes
7. Scroll down the list and you should find Hotspot Shield Helper Driver
8. Remove the tick from this box
9. Close and reopen your web browser it should now connect to your default web page
10. Remember that address you saved as a text document? Copy and past it into the address bar of your browser
11. Press the refresh icon
12.The Hotspot Shield Website will now open and assign you an I.P address i.e. it will connect you

13 It should now work normally as before