Nexus 4 Camera Review & Sample Shots

The reviews are slowly coming in but it seems like this headset is going to be an absolute hit with extraordinary specs at an affordable price. Very important to consumers is how good the included 8MP camera is. Since few if any review are available yet, here are some sample shots, and reviews of the camera on the LG Optimus G, LG's sister phone to the Nexus 4:

Sample shots from the Nexus 4 (from XDA -- click link for large shots):

360 degrees samples :

Sample Shots from the LG Optimus G 8MP (from AP)

According to Android Police:

...this is almost certainly the same 8MP sensor found in the AT&T Optimus G. If you're eager for sample shots, I have some in a review of that phone (you'll have to see the key for 13MP vs 8MP shots). It's a good camera. Not as good as the GSIII / Note II (especially for fine detail), but perfectly respectable, and likely has some of the usability features I discuss fixed since they're mostly related to software.