Nostalgia: Articles Posted This Time Last Year (April 2008)

Oh April 2008. Have far away you seem. Following in the tradition I began last month of reposting old articles from last year, I'm continuing with April's set of posts from 2008. This post contains articles on the nintendo wii, Family Guy Fan Art, and an April Fool's joke from BBC Video. For a full listing of Soon Tech News articles in April 2008, click here.

I once owned a the legendary SNES system. I don't know where it is anymore, or who has it. I had somewhere around 11 games or so. The system was epic. The games were very fun. I especially enjoyed playing Street Fighter in my early teens and NBA Live. Mario Kart, however was always a crowd favorite at my house too. Today, I own the vastly superior Nintendo Wi.

Found a bunch of photos of people's interesting wii setups. How does yours compare?

Family Guy Fan Art

"For the greater part of my undergraduate career, I worked part-time as a call centre caller--telemarketer--at my university's foundation for two years. (our call centre works with the university to raise funds for scholarship, bursaries, etc.) One of the many perks of having worked with many like-minded students were the conversation we shared about the latest episode of Family Guy..."

"It comes packaged with a few other impressive upgrades: a bluetooth remote, extra suction mounting plate (for sticking on the dash as opposed to the windshield), and a live traffic readiness (the 920T version comes with live traffic info out of the box, but it doesn't work in Canada and also isn't sold here either)...."