Then & Now--Mario Kart Wii

So I've finally picked up my copy of Mario Kart Wii. It's so much fun! Only complaint I have so far is how the wifi keeps kicking me off WFC from time to time. Probably has something to do with recent launch. Here's a video of the franchise's iterations from SNES, N64, Gamecube and Wii.

Wii Home Theatre Setups [Pics]

The last few days, as I've been anxiously awaiting the North American launch of Mario Kart Wii, I've been trolling around flickr for pictures of Wiis around the world. I turns outs EB Games Canada (at Richmond Centre) called but no one picked up. So this means I'll be picking up my mario kart (and wii wheel!) tomorrow.

I didn't bother to link to any of the original pages, but since they're all under the creative commons license I'll just assume it's alright to repost them (a simple search of "wii" and "setup" under the fickr tags will show most of these images below. Some have so many components (E.g. PS3, Xbox 360, Apple TV, Tivo, etc.) and others just look very cool. Here are some of the best, in no particular order--I've circled the wiis for convenience:

Looks like we've got the same taste in speakers!

That's the way it should be played! I wonder if the sensor bar worked alright outdoors.

Family Guy Fan Art

For the greater part of my undergraduate career, I worked part-time as a call centre caller--telemarketer--at my university's foundation for two years. (our call centre works with the university to raise funds for scholarship, bursaries, etc.) One of the many perks of having worked with many like-minded students were the conversation we shared about the latest episode of Family Guy. Eleni Berger, then supervisor and talented artist at the call centre promised that she's sketch a character from the Family Guy series as though they were from UBC Call Centre team each week that we met our target fundraising amounts as a team.

We hit those targets three times. And for each one Eleni drew another character from Family Guy.

Stewie, asking for an alumni's credit card number:

Brian, dealing with a difficult alum:

Quagmire, building rapport with alumni spouses:

(As a matter of recognition, Eleni Berger drew the characters, I simply colored them in)
Oh, and just to be extra cautious:

Legal Notice & Disclaimer:

1. Legal Notice
"Family Guy" TM and Copyright FOX and its related companies. All rights reserved. Any reproduction, duplication, or distribution in any form is expressly prohibited.

2. Disclaimer
This website, its operators, and any content containted on this website relating to "Family Guy" are not authorized by FOX., Share Your Music The "New School Way"--updated: Muxtape Down, Problems With RIAA

Update (September 8th, 2008): Muxtape currently has problems with the RIAA, unfortunately, turns out what they were doing was essentially breaking IP law. Too bad. Until I can figure out where to host my acapella version of Little Boxes, please visit Finetune. They have a great site for listening to music. I usually tune into their Wii iteration, and just fire up the day's top playlist. Start listening here. Don't worry, Finetune is completely legal., one of the most recent newcomers to the online music scene, provides a new way of sharing your music (a la an old school mixtape) online. All you have to do is signup, then upload 12 songs with a maximum of 10mbs per song, then share them with the world via your very own muxtape site. And don't worry, it's completely legal (as far as muxtape is concerned).

Those that you share it with can always get new updates of your favourite songs via rss feed. In addition, they can always buy that song on amazon for about 99c.

Here's my muxtape featuring upbeat, feel-good, sing-along legendary songs, and some contemporary.

As of 4/19/08, here are the songs I've got:

The Beatles--Yellow Submarine
U2--Beautiful Day
Queen--Bohemian Rhapsody
Jackson 5--ABC
Bob Marley--Buffalo Soldier
Rick Astley--Never Gonna Give You Up
Wild Cherry--Play That Funky Music
Elvis Presley--A Little Less Conversation (JXL Remix)
Michael Jackson--Thriller (25th Anniversary)
Daft Punk--One More TIme

Update (7/26/08): I've started another mixtape. This time with acapella music.

Here's some rick-rolling goodness just because we invoked it with my song selection:

Unboxing: Tom Tom Go 920

Originally, my Dad received the Tom Tom Go 720 for his birthday from my brother. However, after some days had passed, the Tom Tom Go 920 had dropped to the same price as the 720 and thus we decided to stop by Futureshop to exchange the item for the higher model (also priced at $449.99 Canadian Dollars).

Overall, I'd say the 920 is of much better value. It comes packaged with a few other impressive upgrades: a bluetooth remote, extra suction mounting plate (for sticking on the dash as opposed to the windshield), and a live traffic readiness (the 920T version comes with live traffic info out of the box, but it doesn't work in Canada and also isn't sold here either). The remote, however, is the best thing going for the 920. Instead of having look at the GPS, a driver can just press a button on the remote to have the voice prompt repeat directions, change a song, or even meddle with the menu (though none of these are recommended during driving).

Correction (4/19/08): Forgot to add that the Tom Tom 920 comes pre-loaded with North American and Europe maps. Also, since we exchanged the 720 for this higher-up model, the price has dropped to $399.99--that's $50 back to us (and $150 drop from the original price of $549.99). Imagine Futureshop's initial profit margins!

Below are a bunch of pictures I took of the unboxing process:

Tom Tom Go 920 still in its plastic wrap

All the contents of the package

The build quality of the remote is especially high--feels fit for almost any modern car's interior

BBC 2008 April Fool's Joke: Penguins Can Fly (Youtube)

From UK Telegraph: The BBC will today screen remarkable footage of penguins flying as part of its new natural history series, Miracles of Evolution. Camera crews discovered a colony of Adélie penguins while filming on King George Island, some 750 miles south of the Falkland Islands.